Taco Tuesday

One way we like to be good neighbors to the high school next door is by hosting Taco Tuesday. On the first Tuesday of every month we bust out our grill and cook hundreds of tacos for the students at Soquel High who walk through our parking lot. They get free lunch, and we get some high fives, smiles, and an opportunity to get to know them.


Santa Cruz Warriors Ball Toss

Creating safe spaces and adding value to youth is an important part of what we do, but we don't want to stop there. We want to foster a culture of community service in the lives of young people. As we add value to their lives, we want to empower them to add value to the world around them. One way that our kids give back is by participating in the Santa Cruz Warriors ball toss. They are responsible for organizing, selling, and running the ball toss event. Our community is benefited because the proceeds go towards a local charity and our kids are benefited because they get an opportunity to develop valuable life skills.