We exist to empower youth
and create belonging.


Flow is a place for youth to disengage from the fast-paced chaos of life, and engage in being a kid again. It’s a place to grow and play, but also to learn to be prepared for life’s challenges. We are equipping youth for a successful life through inclusion, life skills, mentorship, faith, and fun.



Our vision is to see the next generation empowered by love and belonging. That by believing through faith, they can be part of the ongoing story of changing the world in powerful and positive ways. That they will embrace that they are important, valued and integral people that are and will shape the world they interact in.



Flow is here because our world needs more safe spaces for kids to be kids. Flow exists because the power of play is real, and it changes lives. We believe that play flows from the heart of God, and thus reflects his very heart for us. Flow is empowering youth by creating safe spaces for youth to resonate with Jesus, trained mentors, and their peers. Flow is invigorating youth to explore their purpose and creativity through the arts, self defense, life skills classes, surfing, skateboarding, and BMX.