Summer is almost here!

May 23rd is the last day of our after school program. Our summer schedule kicks off June 12th. We’ll be meeting on Wednesdays at various offsite locations. Click the button below to see the entire calendar.


Tuesdays & Thursdays

2:00 PM - 6:00 Pm

Hope Church | 4525 Soquel Drive

Middle & High School


No one can deny that students need positive places to belong. Our world needs more safe spaces for kids to be kids and Flow exists to help cultivate that in the lives of teens.


Adding value through the power of play


BMX + Skate

Our HQ features an indoor skate park and outdoor mini ramp for students to skate, scoot, and BMX!

video games.png

Video Games

We built a game room with five screens, beanbag chairs, and every gaming console imaginable!


Free Food

Every day we provide an assortment of food for hungry students who come through our building. 


Jiu Jitsu

Once a week our Jiu Jitsu instructors teaches self defense to students in an all-girls or all-guys environment.



Our staff and volunteers offer guidance and encouragement through their friendships with students.



A basketball hoop is located in the upper lot for pick-up games, trick shots, and the occasional game of knock-out.



A quiet room is available for students to study, work on homework, and receive help getting those grades up.


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Group Games

We like to end our day with a large group game such as dodgeball, American Eagle, drift trike races, or Halo nerf war.

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Life Skills

Whether it's learning to give a proper handshake, or dealing with bullies, we aim to equip our kids with important life skills.

Week after week attending Flow has been the most positive experience to happen for my son. He has grown in maturity and respect, coming home happier having been enriched by volunteers and fellow attendees. Sometimes home life isn’t the easiest and having a safe place to come and have fun means gaining life skills to be better equipped in dealing with feelings and problems. I’m very grateful that he has the support system and amazing program that helps him become a better person. Thank you for all that you do!
— Parent of a Flow student


Flow wouldn't be possible without the partnership of our amazing staff and volunteers. Each team member has been background checked, approved to work with kids, and gone through a thorough application and interview process. 


Flow is a gift to our community. Our after school program is available at no cost to students or their families. We are funded entirely by your donations. The food we serve, the toys we ride, and the place we meet are all a result of your generosity!


Coming soon...


Flow is constantly expanding thanks to the support of our community. We are excited to unfold these programs in the near future!

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